Hi, I'm Natalie. 

I love drawing comics.  When I was a kid I always said I wanted to be an actress and a cartoonist.  

I first encountered comics when I was eight years old.  My step-father had passed away and my mother sent me to stay with a friend of hers while she dealt with her grief.

The people I stayed with had a huge stack of MAD Magazines and I went through them like crazy. I loved Spy vs. Spy, Al Jaffe's folded back cover and my favorite of all, Sergio Argones.   A few years later I discovered a Smithsonian book which showed the history of American comics and I was hooked.  I learned of Krazy Kat, The Yellow Kid, Little Orphan Annie, Nemo, Dick Tracey.  I also got the joke from MAD magazine when the artists made fun of Orphan Annie for not having any pupils in her eyeballs.

When I got older, I became an actress and sort of forgot about cartoons.  I'd attend indie conventions and peruse comic book stores.  But I was more of a closet cartoonist.  I'd scrawl in my sketchbook and forget about it.

In 2009, I took a graphic novel class at SVA and found a sense of community I was yearning for.